5 Steps to Add More Hours to Your Week

QS Virtual Assistant

More hours in a day… right now this would probably sound like a dream come true for you, but definitely out of reach with your current schedule. Most of the time for us as business owners, we usually keep thinking that  organisation is around the corner and that more time is coming. Eventually, we will get a handle on our marketing, client relationships, strategic planning, and all the outstanding administration of our business. Unfortunately, that time seems to be alluding to us. So, what can you do to regain more hours in your week? Let’s take a look at my latest blog. 

Step 1 – Are you currently handling everything on your own?

As a business owner or startup, it is natural at first to be managing absolutely everything on your own, from invoicing to setting up of client meetings, to typing and editing of documents, to trying to keep a handle of your never-ending email inbox, but I am sure you have noticed that things are starting to slip. Not only is your personal life suffering, but late hours are also becoming more and more common and you can’t remember the last time you had a day off to spend with your family or doing something that you love (not work-related). If this sounds like you right now, you are most likely experiencing symptoms of burn-out (without maybe even knowing about it). As a business owner, of course, we are always trying to ensure that we are keeping overhead costs at a minimum, which is why many entrepreneurs choose to handle absolutely everything on their own … but do you see yourself continuing like this in the near future? It may be the least productive and unhealthy way to proceed and it may be time to start looking into what you can do to change this.

Step 2 – Make a list of everything you do in a day

My suggestion is to take some time to evaluate absolutely all the things you are doing in a day and then mark next to each one, “is this task absolutely essential that I action it?” or is this something I could potentially outsource to someone else to handle for me? The truth is that I can almost guarantee that once you take a look at your list, you will discover that there are absolutely many items that you don’t actually need to do yourself. As the business owner, you started this business for a reason, and your talent is why you are successful, therefore you need to be focusing on needle-moving tasks that are going to push your business forward and allow someone else to take the reins on all administrative and/or menial tasks that don’t need to be managed by you.

Step 3 – Who can you delegate to?

The first thought for business owners in terms of getting administrative and secretarial help in their businesses is to potentially look at hiring a Personal Assistant. The problem is the following:

  • You may not even have an office and don’t want someone to work from your home
  • You don’t have the budget or the resources to take on the responsibility of a full-time employee
  • You don’t need full-time assistance
  • You don’t want the hassle of having to manage a full-time person

So, what is the solution? A Virtual Assistant!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone that usually has a Personal Assistant/Secretarial background who works completely remotely. She offers similar services to a Personal Assistant, but you get to determine how many hours you need her to assist you, as well as select a monthly package that suits your budget. All in all, you get your administration back-end taken care of, without needing to follow-up or monitor your Virtual Assistant, as she is a business owner in her own right.

Step 4 – Allow your Virtual Assistant to assist you

It is usual to want to cling to some of your tasks, in fear that your Virtual Assistant cannot be trusted, or that she may not action the task as you would, but once you relinquish control of these functions, you will no doubt regain back hours and hours of precious time to focus on your business and your personal life.

Step 5 – Grow with your Virtual Assistant

There is a misconception out there that a Virtual Assistant is a one-off solution or perhaps a freelancer who a business owner would call on from time to time, but the truth is your Virtual Assistant can become a life-long business partner. The more your relationship grows, the more you can allow her to manage for you, leaving you with time to focus solely on the growth of your business, whilst your business admin is taken care of and completely organised. 

Sound too good to be true? The good news is more time is completely in your reach! To take a look at some of the ways a Virtual Assistant can help you in your small business, take a look at this link