10 Things You Need To Know About Virtual Assistants

There is a great deal of information that you would be able to find online about Virtual Assistants these days, which is great … but can you identify the right from the wrong information provided? In this blog I will be sharing some key tips and tricks about Virtual Assistants, hiring the right one and how to go about the entire process. You can be assured that the information I am sharing is coming from a place of actually being a Virtual Assistant myself and dealing with various clients in the market. 

1) A Virtual Assistant can save you time

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is probably one of the most productive ways of saving time in your day, week, month and even year/s! Of course, you can choose to do everything on your own, however splitting your time amongst crucial business functions and trying to perform administrative tasks, is not ideal to say the least. A Virtual Assistant takes care of the menial tasks on your behalf, while you take care of your business, your growth and success at the end of the day.

2) A Virtual Assistant can increase revenue in your business

Sound strange? Hear me out … If you are paying a Virtual Assistant to help you in your business, immediately your mind would think … I am spending valuable money and hope that it is not a waste. But the truth is, if you are delegating all the tasks you do not have time for to your VA, and are focusing on core business aspects, that would mean that you have the time to increase your business revenue by a long mile. This is what makes a Virtual Assistant a very worthwhile investment to not only your business, but to you as a person as well.

3) A Virtual Assistant is an investment and an asset

One thing that money can never buy is your precious time, therefore when you have someone focusing on all the other tasks in your business, you are regaining precious time. There is nothing more advantageous than having a well-run, organised and flourishing business. Not to mention sanity within yourself and to actually have a life, without working hours and hours on end, with no end in sight. This is what makes a VA absolutely the best investment you will ever make in your small business.

4) A Virtual Assistant is a long-term relationship and business partner

A Virtual Assistant can join you on your journey long-term. You can grow and scale together with your Virtual Assistant even for years to come. Naturally in the beginning, you are both getting a feel for one another, getting used to how you work in your business, how you like things done and building a relationship (which usually takes about a month), but once you see that you can trust her, you can start delegating even more to her, creating even more space in your work day.

5) A Virtual Assistant can get your business running smoothly & efficiently

Wouldn’t it be great to know that there are processes in place, systems up and running, everyone working on the same page, with everything operating in organisation and unity? That is exactly what a Virtual Assistant can bring to your business.

6) A Virtual Assistant can help you to build client relationships

When you have built a relationship with your Virtual Assistant you can start providing her with your clients details. Let your Virtual Assistant follow up and check in on your clients to make sure that they are happy with your service/products and to see if there is anything that can be done to improve their experience with your products or services. This will ensure that your clients keep coming back for more, i.e. more revenue!

7) A Virtual Assistant can help you regain work life balance

One of the biggest parts of any entrepreneur’s journey is feeling like there is absolutely no work life balance available to you. When you are constantly rushing around putting out fires, there is absolutely no time for you to actually breathe and concentrate on the most important aspects of your business, not to mention your personal well-being, mental health and family life. A Virtual Assistant can no doubt restore all of this for you.

8) A Virtual Assistant can help you function productively

Did you know that a Virtual Assistant can even help you prioritise tasks? Once you feel comfortable enough to let your Virtual Assistant help you to manage your time better, you can hand over your entire daily to-do and priority list to her to help prompt and remind you about important matters you need to handle for that day.

9) A Virtual Assistant can reduce your stress

Show me an entrepreneur who does not have high stress levels. I would think there is none in sight that I can think of 🙂 When you are completely needle-focused on your small business, instead of getting interrupted with tons of menial admin queries and tasks, the weight is immediately off your shoulders. With the time added to your schedule by hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are able to relax and focus in a non-frantic way, which in turn will reduce your current stress levels. 

10) A Virtual Assistant can change your business for the best

The world is literally your oyster when you have someone dedicated, enthusiastic and professional at your side. You can start thinking bigger and better for yourself and your business. A Virtual Assistant is there to make your life easier, your business more productive and to help you create the empire you have always dreamed of! If this sounds like something you need today, make sure to take advantage of the free consultation call that I offer to my potential clients, by clicking here. Quality VA Solutions are just one click away!